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Auto Haze Seeds

Auto Haze is a fantastic strain that has a powerful and long lasting psychoactive effect which stimulates brain and causes a very pleasant sensation. It is perfect to consume with friends and in relaxed environments. Its effect is very cerebral, invigorating and energetic.

This strain has a powerful aroma and an incense flavor, with woody and spicy citrus notes. This delight was long awaited by the unconditional lovers of these strains.

Auto Haze is a hybrid that results from the cross between our Haze and a Lowryder. Now every passionate of these type of strains can cultivate them without waiting so much time and with much more discretion than when cultivating its feminized regular version. Haze lovers are in luck.

It is a medium-low sized plant with a compact structure and a vigorous growth. It produces such spongy compact resinous buds that the after-harvest manicuring is just a piece of cake. If we compare this strain to other autoflowering cannabis strains we will see that this one has a slightly longer flowering period, although nothing to do with the flowering period of the traditional Haze.

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Haze Growing Tips and Medical Effects
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Haze x Lowryder
Flowering Period:
12-13 weeks - 70-110 gr/m² Yield
60% sativa / 40% indica

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