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Cinderella 99 Seeds

Also known as Cindy or C99, Cinderella 99 is a popular sativa-dominant strain fathered by the famous Jack Herer cannabis plant. High in THC (our version is around 22%), Cinderella 99 cannabis seeds grow into potent plants.

Many users of this strong strain caution that it should be used sparingly (think one hit and quit), because a little goes a long way. Since it can take anywhere from five to fifteen minutes to feel the effects of the high – when smoking or vaporizing – it is important to use Cinderella 99 mindfully, and take it easy. At 70% sativa, this sweet, citrus-scented strain will give you a serious burst of energy and creativity; avoid using Cinderella 99 too close to bedtime; you’ll likely find it difficult to fall asleep, though once the high has dissipated a little, it has been known to fade into sedation.

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Flowering Period:
8-9 weeks - 900 gr/m2 Yield
Mostly sativa

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