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Sapphire OG Seeds

Sapphire OG is a top quality cannabis strain with indica domination that is a descendant of the OG. It contains 85% indica and 15% sativa genetics.

The plant is a beautiful and full of colors. It has a medium size and energetic growth. It's recommended to control the growth indoors. Sapphire OG produces prominent compact buds filled with resin. The flowering cycle is 9 weeks and the harvest is about 350-550 gr/m2.

The strain has a very rich aromas and tastes. They provides an amazing mix of oil, pine, chocolate, citrus and flowers. Sapphire OG has both mental and physical high. The long-lasting potent effect brings euphoria at first and then turns into a deep relaxation.

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OG (Florida cut) x OG (Fc) x OG (Fc)/Afghan
Flowering Period:
9 weeks - 350-550 + gr/m2 Yield
15% Sativa / 85% Indica

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