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Blue Dream Seeds

Blue Dream is the most popular strain of marijuana in the U.S. It originated in California and is legendary for giving users that “cool West Coast vibe.” This sativa-dominant hybrid is both relaxing and invigorating, and it gently eases you into a calm euphoria. Today, it’s a top shelf choice for a daytime high with a CBD level of 2%.

Enjoy the sweet aroma of berries while toking on this feminized marijuana strain. With a high THC level of 21%, Blue Dream offers a heavy sedative effect, while delivering relief from various symptoms. This strain is commonly recommended to treat nausea, depression, pain and other ailments requiring high THC contents.

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Blueberry Indica X Super Silver X Haze
Flowering Period:
65 days - 21 oz/3ft2 Yield
Indica 20% / Sative 80%

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