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Purple Haze Seeds

Purple Haze was made world famous after the legendary rock star Jimi Hendrix dedicated a song to it in 1967. With 70% sativa and 30% indica, this strain will leave you floating on purple clouds, with a spirited, uplifting mood all day. This sativa-dominant cannabis delivers a euphoria that transports you back to the Woodstock Life of the love-induced 1960s.

Enjoy the psychedelic technicolor state this strain provides. It offers a fragrant presence and fruity notes. And, true to its name, you’ll detect vibrant lavender hues when smoking Purple Haze. It packs a powerful with its up to 20% THC contents. Plus, it contains 0.10% CBD and medicinal properties that make it an effective source of medical treatment for various ailments.

Purple Haze feminized seeds are very easy to cultivate. So, this is the perfect strain for first-time growers. These cannabis plants have a high resistance to diseases, making them suitable for growing both indoors and outdoors. They are high-yielding plants, which take about 65 days (about 9-10 weeks) to flower. When using this marijuana strain, prepare yourself for an entire day of blissful contentment and awakened creativity all day long.

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Haze X Purple Thai
Flowering Period:
63 days - 19 oz/3ft2 Yield
Indica 30% / Sativa 70%

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