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Karma Genetics is based in Netherlands and has a product line containing over 24 different types of marijuana seeds and strains..

Karma Genetics was officially founded in 2008 in the Netherlands after winning a cup at the IC420 cup in Amsterdam.  But the founder started breeding in 2000. Karma Genetics currently collaborates with other breeders such as Mosca Negra, Canna Venture, and Horti-Lab. Nowadays Karma Genetics only does regular seeds. They are carefully tested by a founder and a customer base of growers. Most of varieties are created specially for serious and well experienced growers that want to get top quality cannabis and stable genetics. But the collection also contains a few strains for beginners and amateur cultivators.  Headbanger, Biker Kush , and the Ghostrider V2.0. are the most favourite and famous varieties of the Karma Genetics range.

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Karma Genetics Strains and Seeds List