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Caramelicious Seeds

The flavour of Caramelicious is undeniably one of sweet caramel and toffee and is an absolute must for lovers of hard hitting sweet tasting strains. A popular choice with both novice and commercial growers, Caramelicious is a very easy strain to grow with excellent harvests in the 600g/m2 area. It thrives indoors but also does well in cold and dry conditions showing its hardy and versatile characteristics. This bushy plant will grow to a short-medium height and gets very bushy producing plentiful amounts of dense buds from every internodal point as well as a large single top cola with tinges of purple and red. As expected, the smoke is sweet and tasty and almost desert like (think banoffee pie). The stone is deep body with a hint of the cerebral. THC and CBD are both very high combining to make an ideal contender for medicinal users who have relaxation in mind.

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Flowering Period:
8-10 weeks - 400-500 g/m2 Yield

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