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Cheesy Auto Seeds

Cheesy Auto is the autoflowering variation of famous UK Cheese genetics. It is the result of the combining the well-known UK Exodus Cheese elite clone and a cannabis ruderalis strain. The plant inherits all the best properties of its outstanding parent.

Cheesy Auto is suitable for indoor, outdoor and guerrilla crops. It is easy and fast to grow. The plant develops a strong compact structure with dark green leaves and mass of trichomes that makes it ideal for resin extractions. It can reach to 1m tall during outdoor cultivation. The time from seedlings to harvest takes 10-12 weeks. The average crop reaches 400-450 gr/m2 indoors and 100-125 grams/plant outdoors. It is recommended 20/4 photoperiod to get the best results.

The smoke brings smooth mix of the legendary U.K. Cheese with a particular sweet flavour reminiscent of berries. The well-balanced effect provides enjoyable physical relaxation and active mind. Excellent for creativity.

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U.K. Exodus Cheese x Lowryder (ruderalis hybrid)
Flowering Period:
400-450 gr/m2 - 10-12 weeks Yield

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