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Early Gorilla Seeds

Early Gorilla is an early flowering hybrid that combines the enormous potency and resin production of Gorilla Glue #4 with the rapid blooming of Early Maroc. This genetic combination offers plants that are practically identical to GG #4, but which are ready to harvest at the end of August.
This variety is perfect for outdoor gardens and guerrilla growers, with its strong vigour, its ease of cultivation, its low nutrient requirements and its high resistance to pests and fungi, it’s the perfect plant for beginner home-growers.
It produces up to 550g per plant of incredibly resinous and aromatic buds, with 20% THC, and is ready for harvest in late summer, long before the autumn rains arrive.
Its effect is very powerful with a rapid onset, striking hard both in the head and in the body, relaxing and filling you with well-being, helping you to stimulate appetite and combat sleep disorders. Its aroma is the same as that of a GG #4, earthy, fresh, floral and with touches of tangerine, courtesy of Early Maroc.

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Gorilla Glue #4 x Early Maroc
Flowering Period:
Late August - early September - 450-550g/plant Yield

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