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Black Widow Seeds

Positronic Black Widow HYBRIDISATION PROCESS Slightly endogenous cross between excellent indica varieties. Genetic Misty has revolutionized the 80s. The origin of this variety is anonymous, however seen the high concentration of CBD Positronics decided to conserve it and import it from USA. In the mid-90s appeared on the market a variety called White Widow, that became one of the rarest varieties. Positronics decided to cross the two recommending a medicinal use, due to the high concentration of CBD. PHYSIOLOGICAL DESCRIPTION Plant apparent robust, compact and highly branched. Short distance between the inter-nodes with large woody branches, very large leaves with nerves clearly defined. It has a moderate amount of leaves and maximum quantity of sprouts of extreme hardness, which are valued a lot by the commercial growers. Outdoor it can grow up till 1,5-2m of height. Indoor it hardly reaches the meter. It doesn't tolerate high humidity at the late blooming. It resists satisfactionally to the wounds in general. ORGANOLEPTIC AROMA: It emanates a strong smell of flowers mixing fresh menthol and ground of wood. Really, it's a touch of floral explosion. It's necessary use an active carbon filter. TASTE: An unforgivable mentholated after-taste remains on your palate. Without doubts it's a delikatessen for gourmet. EFFECT:strongly soothing and relaxing, with high content of CBD. For sure it's one of the best variety for medicinal use. Its hilarious use is recommended in the evening with an introspective character. RECOMMENDS Black Widow doesn't tolerate much quantity of fertilizer. For the medical use is advised the cultivation into biological system. Into hydroponic systems it doesn't overcome 1,6 EC, here it has a great diversity of food that causes the dark-green leaves, giving the name of “Black Widow”. Need More Info?
Black Widow Growing Tips and Medical Effects
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White Widow x Misty
Flowering Period:
8 - 9 weeks - 400 gr/m2 Yield
Indica / Sativa

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