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Caramelice Seeds

Positronic Caramelice HIBRIDATION The skunk's varieties supposed a successful for the cannabis cultivation. Its citric flavour and taste fascinated hundreds of thousands of farmers, whom continue to fill the gardens of these qualities. Positronics has created a Skunk for the XXI century. Caramelice captures the aroma and taste of its parents, but it's more resistant to fungus attacks but its flowering is more precociousness, an handicap of skunk variety. PHYSIOLOGICAL DESCRIPTION : Thin stalks with short distance among inter-nodes, much quantity of toothed thin and light-green leaves. During the flowering the plant will fill up of long and large scares, it's now that the powerful appears: we advise you!! Around the 5^ weeks will appear the typical orange nuance and the chalices will be cover of Tricomis. It forms big towers of compact sprouts called “PENIS DONKEY”. The orange flavour will increase! ORGANOLEPTIC: AROMA: Orange, lime, lemon... Whole family of citric content in a variety of cannabis. Surprisingly, its aroma. It's very commercial because everybody likes it. In Holland and England it was the most cultivated throughout all one decade. TASTE: It's something like eating a slice of orange. Maybe a dream will become reality for each farmers. EFFECT: Euphoric, middle psychoactive and relaxing sensation. It increases the appetite. RECOMMENDS The growth shouldn't be exaggerate because the branches aren't so resistant, we recommend to use networks to support the weight of the flowers. It requires the use of anti-odour and the continue use of ventilators to ventilate up to the huge bunches of flowers. Which help to maintain an average humidity, very important for Skunk. Caramelice supports well the high temperature but doesn't tolerate temperature less of 12°C. It doesn't need much fertilizer but needs a constant PH. At the last week you can irrigate with the subministration in the water of sugar of natural origin, like fructose (fruit), cellulose (beet), glucose(black sugar cane).
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Hektol x Redskunk
Flowering Period:
10 weeks - 400 gr/m2 Yield
Indica / Sativa

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