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Harmony Seeds

Harmony is a three way hybrid of Reeferman’s Santa Marta Colombian Gold x OG Kush (Lemon OG) x Lemon Thai Male. This is what Reeferman calls his ‘Holy Grail’ – the strain he is most proud of and would like to recommend above all his others. It is outstanding in both effect and its tongue-coating taste. Its high is super lifting and motivating when used in moderation. Although it is very clearly Kush in its bud structure the general plant structure leans towards the Thai Father, but surprisingly and positively it is ready for harvest in 8-9 weeks. It produces good yields when allowed to grow large outside or in a sea of green set up. The flavour is distinctively lemon kush. Need More Info?
Harmony Growing Tips and Medical Effects
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Santa Marta Colombian Gold x OG Kush x Lemon Thai
Flowering Period:
8 - 9 weeks - high Yield
Indica / Sativa

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