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Sweet Zkittlez Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds (RQS) is fast growing cannabis seed company from the Netherlands. The group of breeders decided to create their own range of cannabis to offer quality feminized, autoflowering and medical seeds at a good price after years of experience in growing cannabis seeds.

In this way today Royal Queen Seeds has great collection of feminised, autoflowering and medical seeds. Royal Queen Seeds offers a good selection of high quality cannabis seeds at good prices.

All seeds are regularly tested in detail and are hand-picked to guarantee their genetic purity. The seeds coming directly from organic mothers are vacuum packaged in highly-resistant packages.

RQS has Highlife Cup and the High Times Cannabis Cup award winners among its collection. Such as classic strains like White Widow, Shining Silver Haze, Northern Light and Amnesia Haze. It also offers world famous strains such as OG Kush, Critical and Skunk #1.

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