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BLZBud Seeds

This extremely potent, Indica dominant G13 hybrid will raise the standard that most growers are used to. With a THC level to make even the most hardened veterans breaking a sweat, the BLZ-Bud is a strain not to be smoked by the fainthearted. Growth patterns are primarily those you would expect from an Indica dominant strain, with large fan leaves and very little space between internodes. Flowering single stemmed plants will usually result in one large cluster of buds all along the main stem with a few budding side branches. The smell and taste are an interesting mixture of sweet, sour and spice, when the initial hit fades away, you get of the floor and your head starts realizing what just happened the high gently changes into a heightened state of euphoria telling you that “it will all be allright again soon”.
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G13 x SliverHaze x Trainwreck
Flowering Period:
8 - 9 weeks - 450 gr/m2 + Yield
Indica / Sativa

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