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Taste Bud Seeds

The Taste Bud has been around a few coffee shops in Amsterdam about two/three years ago, both the Grey Area and the Homegrown Fantasy reported great customer response. This great response to his strain made the breeder of the Taste Bud continue working on this strain so it would produce uniform, stable seeds. Now you can grow this fantastic stabilized version of the OGKush x Hindukush. These seeds will grow small bushy plants but can produce the fattest buds you have ever seen; yield of over a gram per wattage of light is not uncommon for more experienced growers, making this probably the highest yielding OG Kush cross available. The name says it already; Taste Bud is a type of weed that makes your mouth water during the entire flowering period and will reward you with some of the tastiest buds possible.
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OG Kush x HinduKush x Skunk#1
Flowering Period:
8 weeks - 500 gr/m2 + Yield

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