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White Skunk Seeds

The White Skunk has a combination of high THC and CBD making the effects after smoking much like being in a rollercoaster for 30 minutes followed by a freefall landing on a giant cotton wool bed, leaving you happily sedated on your sofa. This strain grows very resinous dense buds with a stereotypical dank skunky smell and beautiful white orange hair's. The Shiva heavily influenced her growth patterns making the White Skunk a short plant that focuses completely on producing flowers. This, with the wonderful taste and extreme potency of the Trainwreck, makes the White Skunk a guaranteed cash-crop success. Need More Info?
White Skunk Growing Tips and Medical Effects
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Trainwreck x Shiva
Flowering Period:
8 - 9 weeks - 600 gr/m2 + Yield

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