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Short Stuff is based in Spain and has a product line containing over 24 different types of marijuana seeds and strains..

Short Stuff is a group of breeders and cannabis enthusiasts working in Spain with autoflowering seeds for the last three years. Short Stuff has produced a range of autoflowering seeds at much lower prices. Short Stuff constantly improves their genetics. The aim is producing the best autoflowering cannabis strains in the world. The first success came with Snowryder which was a cross of Snow White and Shortstuff #1.  Today the range of autoflowering strains has three main categories: Dwarf Autos are very short fast flowering indica dominant strains which are perfect when stealth or a lack of space are important factors, Next generation autos are mid size autos grow bigger than dwarf autos with a height range between 60cm and 100cm, and Super autos are true auto flowering sativas. Now Short Stuff has also produced a collection of experimental strains called "The Boutique Line", which consist of the most up to date autoflowering genetics. All the strains in the Boutique Line are big, tall, heavy-yielders.

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Short Stuff Strains and Seeds List