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Lavender Seeds

Soma #10 brings together a world of weed. Strains with histories that traverse Afghanistan, Hawaii, Korea, the U.S, and Europe are all melded together in this 3-way cross. An exotic looking strain, Soma #10 develops the darkest purple coloration you can imagine. Color/Smell The color is intense, with the leaves turning nearly to black at the ends, they are so deeply saturated with color. The extra dense buds give off a sensually spicy smell akin to Afghani hash. The high calyx to leaf ratio and the legginess of this plant make for simplified manicuring. While not as tall as the Haze strains, Soma #10 can shoot to tall heights when allowed an extended vegetation period before being placed into the flowering phase. If grown in a sea of green, Soma recommends a shortening the veg cycle in order to control the height. This strain will also do well as a multi-branched plant. Outdoor Outdoors, this variety can thrive in a most temperate zones, although arid climates known for their rich agricultural promise are of course optimal. Soma #10 has a flavor that is similar to Afghani hash, producing a captivating high that circulates through every chakra. A terrific evening or rainy day smoke, Soma #10 will leave you feeling relaxed and mellow, possibly to the point of sleep.

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Super skunk x Big Skunk Korean x Afghani x Hawaiian
Flowering Period:
9 - 10 weeks - 200 - 400 gr/m2 Yield
Indica 80% / Sativa 20%

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