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Sweet Harlem Diesel Seeds

We crossbred an Old Afghani ( Afghanistan Indica heritage) with our Honey rock ( Super Widow x Swazi Poison) we called this offspring Sweet afghani. We then further crossed it with a beautiful Sour diesel to create the Sweet Harlem Diesel. A nice mix of citrus and diesel aroma. A nice hybrid of indica and sativa genetics. You will get the best of both worlds. A great strain to spark your creativity. With a heritage from the United States we couldn’t not mention her origin. So we choose to name her Sweet Harlem Diesel with a slight reference to The Netherlands where we further developed this cannabis strain.

A pungent diesel aroma with a sweet citrus taste is the best way to describe the taste and aroma of the Sweet Harlem diesel.

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Sour Diesel x Sweet Afghani
Flowering Period:
10-11 weeks - 300-400 g/m2 Yield
40% Indica / 60% sativa

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