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Thunderstruck Seeds

Not just a song by ACDC but also real heavy yielding cannabis strain by Sumo Seeds. After harvesting this hybrid cannabis strain you keep on singing Yeah yeah yeah, Thunderstruck! Her harvest will amaze every grower. With nice blue tones covering the leafs makes this also a real beauty to look at. We crossed a Blue Thunder ( Blueberry x Matanuska Tundra) with a Potent Blueberry ( Oaxacan, Thai and afghani genetics) and called the offspring Thunderberry we then further crossed it with our Old Afghani ( afghani indica genetics). The aromas of the Thunderstruck are floral with a slight peppermint/grape aftertaste. The Blueberry genetics gives the Thunderstruck that amazing floral aftertaste while the afghani genetics increases her yield. Now you can enjoy a large harvest with tasteful and potent buds covered with crystals.

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Thunderberry x Old Afghani
Flowering Period:
7-8 weeks - 500-600 g/m2 Yield
85% Indica / 15% sativa

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