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Burmese Kush Seeds

Burmese Kush is O.G. Kush hybrid with a fast flowering of 7 weeks. The strain inherited the potency, stability and flavours of O.G. Kush.

The plant has a short height and suits for small spaces. Despite of the size it brings a decent crop of 400+ gr/m2. Burmese Kush is not afraid of changes in temperature and has a natural resistance to fungus and infections. It is an excellent choice for beginners.

Burmese Kush cannabis has a pleasant earthy taste with a lemon hint. The effect has a long duration and a high efficiency. The smoke brings stone-body high quickly. Physical relaxation is combined with the full clarity of consciousness. This is a great option for people who has an insomnia and a muscle pain.

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Burmese Kush Growing Tips and Medical Effects
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OG Kush x Burmese Kush
Flowering Period:
7-8 weeks - 400 gr/m2+ Yield
Indica / Sativa

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