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Amnesia Haze XL Seeds

There is the time in the life of every grower when the question arises if one should grow the notorious and highly appreciated Amnesia Haze. Accepting flowering times that are a little longer, will most of the time, reward growers with bud of exceptional quality. For those who haven’t decided if the time is yet to come, to grow a highly potent Haze strain, can weigh all the pros and cons of Amnesia Haze XL, and make up their mind, about this wonderful strain. Zambeza Seeds only used the best performing lineages of the original Amnesia Haze to create this superb Haze strain.

Amnesia Haze XL is sativa-dominant, and needs a flowering period of approximately 65 days to fully mature. It doesn’t exceed indoor heights of 100-130cm, making it a Haze strain that can be managed by all growers who gathered a bit of experience with previous grows. Absolute beginners might want to start with something indica-dominant from our catalog. Outdoor growers of Amnesia Haze XL will be rewarded with large harvests of 600-700g per plant. Its quite amazing to see these Haze monsters thrive under the sun. Outdoor heights of 170-200cm are nothing unusual. The flowering time of about 65 days is in some way acceptable, especially when it is put in relation, to the benefits growers get in return.

Effect and aromas are definitely strong pros for growing Amnesia Haze XL. The potency is at levels where other strains will never be, it was tested at 21%! Fresh flavours of citrus and lemon are not only appreciated in coffee shops of Amsterdam, this variety managed to convince the global cannabis community with its qualities. Taking the first hit of some nicely cured Amnesia Haze will result in uplifting effects, paired with euphoric and happy feelings that will let you run around with a smile all day. Fresh flavours of citrus and lemon, paired with hints of spiciness, are also contributing to a highly pleasant smoking experience.

Interested growers who will read more about Amnesia Haze will most likely come to the conclusion that this strain is definitely worth growing. We, from Zambeza Seeds, strongly agree. More importantly, we saw the opportunity to offer these premium Haze genetics of Amnesia Haze for a price that is unbeatable! Our number one priority is to supply European growers with cannabis seeds of the highest grade, by having in mind that growers need to buy soil, fertilizers, and electricity, to grow high quality cannabis. However, Amnesia Haze XL can be considered an excellent investment, with a very high rate on return!

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Original Amnesia Haze
Flowering Period:
10 weeks - 550-600 gr/m2 Yield
Mostly sativa

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