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Dream Star Strain Information

Dream Star

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A combination of Blue Dream and Stardawg, Dream Star is a predominantly sativa hybrid created by Oaksterdam Seed Co. Its fragrance is sweet and fruity, with sour accents that hint at Dream Star's Chemdawg lineage. This strain's psych..

Tembo Kush Strain Information

Tembo Kush

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Tembo Kush is the second of a Signature Series by Nuggets Pasco, an inside hydroponic farm in Washington. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that mixes dna from Elephant, Durban Poison, and OG Kush. Acquired from the Swahili word ..

Tahoe Alien Strain Information

Tahoe Alien

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Tahoe Alien is a 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid by Alien Dna that will carry you straight into the cosmos. Engineered by blending Tahoe OG Kush with Alien Kush, this phenotype derives a subtle earthy odor with flavors of lemon and pine..

Sour Spyder Strain Information

Sour Spyder

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Sour Spyder is a mixture cross between two autoflowering strains built for their resilience in the garden and speed of production. The strain blends Black Creek Garden's Spyder (which features a background in Sputnik #2 and Lowryder)..

Goldwing Strain Information


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Goldwing is a very pretty looking Sativa cannabis strain. It features a brownish-green color and is covered with yellow hairs. The strain carries a 0.29 percent CBD level and around 15 percent to 16 percent THC level. The strain give..

Haze Heaven Strain Information

Haze Heaven

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Cultivated by Soma Seeds, Haze Heaven is a 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid whose classic dna derive from Northern Lights #5, Haze, Afghani, and Hawaiian. Its heritage equips this strain of cannabis with versatile qualities that appease ..

Outlaw Strain Information


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Outlaw is a high-intensity strain cultivated by Dutch Passion, who combined Super Haze and Amnesia to make this 80% sativa. It derives a tastey scent from its Haze predecessor, intermixing fresh earthiness with sour lemon. Outlaw's b..

LAPD Strain Information


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LAPD is a flawlessly sensible hybrid named immediately after predecessor strains, LA Confidential and Purple Diesel. A flavorful medley of sweet grape, earthy pine, and spicy pepper build the perplexing odor of LAPD's compact crimson..

Apollo 13 Strain Information

Apollo 13

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Apollo 13 regularly receives plenty a notable amount of praise that has come to be expected with strains developed by breeders Brothers Grimm. A combination of two of their other successful strains, P75 and Genius (a Jack Herer pheno..

Godzilla Strain Information


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Crafted from the dna of God Bud, Godzilla is a mostly indica strain created by Caña de España specifically for hot climates. Crushing happiness and impairment tend to be delivered next to a sour berry taste profile acce..

Nova Strain Information


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Nova is Canadian LP Tweed's version of Pennywise, a indica-dominant marijuana strain with an equal mixture of THC and CBD. This mixture cross between cannabinoids offers enhanced medicinal effects for users treating pain, anxiety, in..

Harmonia Strain Information


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Harmonia is an indica strain created by mixing a Pure Kush and LA Confidential cross accompanied by a Sweet Tooth and Juicy Fruit hybrid. This strain's CBD content tends to be slightly higher than its THC profile, making this indica ..

Ripped Bubba Strain Information

Ripped Bubba

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Ripped Bubba is a 60% indica-dominant hybrid cultivated by TGA Dna that mixes a resin-heavy Pre-98 Bubba Kush with the flavorful and euphoric sativa Jack the Ripper. From its sativa predecessor, Ripped Bubba inherits perplexing flavo..