Caramella is a 80/20 predominantly indica strain suggested for late nights out with companions as it provides a stimulating and social high. This robust strain produces long colas, deep green leaves, and sticky resin scattered around the plant like fairy dust. This easy-to-grow indica finishes growing in about 8 to 9 weeks.

When to Harvest Caramella ‐ Flowering Time

The Caramella marijuana strain has a quick flowering time in comparison to other marijuana strains. You can expect it to flower within just 6 to 8 weeks.

Strain Flavor

When smoked or converted into an edible form, the flavor of the Caramella strain is best described as Menthol, Spicyherbal, and Sweet.

Caramella Strain Medicinal Benefits and Side Effects

Relaxed 99.63% of users reported feeling relaxed.
Aroused 99.53% of users reported feeling aroused.
Euphoria 99.7% of users reported feelings of happiness.
Pain Reduction 99.6% of users noticed a reduction in pain.
Dry Eyes 99.57% of users reported dry eyes.
Muscle Spasms 99.39% of users reported fewer muscle spasms.
Insomnia 99.7% of users reported trouble sleeping.
Eye Pressure 99.31% of users reported eye pressure.

Ancestry and DNA - Children of the Caramella Strain

Below you can find a list of strains which were bred from Caramella in an attempt to leverge it's medicinal properties and growing attributes.