Golden State Banana
Golden State Banana is a fruity indica cross of Ghost OG and Banana Kush. This semi-sedative strain fills the patients mind with happiness while wrapping the limbs in a warm, soothing sensation. The odor is a combination of Ghost OG's pungent, citrus organic compounds (terpenes) and Banana Kush's tropical scents, making a prosperous bouquet with bright floral sweetness. Inspiring and calming, Golden State Banana's effects tend to be best for unwinding at the end of the day while elevating mood and frontloading creativity.

Strain Flavor

When smoked or converted into an edible form, the flavor of the Golden State Banana strain is best described as Citrus, Tropical, and Sweet.

Golden State Banana Strain Medicinal Benefits and Side Effects

Relaxed 93.35% of users reported feeling relaxed.
Happiness 39.26% of users reported feeling happier.
Uplifted 35.45% of users reported feeling uplifted.
Lack of Appetite 52.59% indicated a decrease in appetite.
Euphoria 99.7% of users reported feelings of happiness.
Pain Reduction 16.94% of users noticed a reduction in pain.
Stressed 99.41% of users reported reduced stress.
Dry Mouth 81.31% of users reported a dry mouth.
Dry Eyes 99.58% of users reported dry eyes.
Insomnia 93.65% of users reported trouble sleeping.
Dizziness 17.8% of users reported feeling dizziness.
Headaches 17.46% of users reported headaches.
Sleepy 33.56% of users reported feeling sleepy.
Nausea 22.92% of users reported feeling nauseous.

How to Breed Golden State Banana Seeds

Below you can find a list of strains that are parents and predecessors which led to the medicinal effects and properties of the Golden State Banana cannabis strain. It was through the breeding of these strains which led to the production of Golden State Banana marijuana seeds, while attempting to cultivate their combined effects and therapeutic properties. To breed your own Golden State Banana seeds, you would need to cultivate a mixture of the following strains:

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