OG Kush


The strain, OG Kush needs no introduction. It has gained immense recognition and popularity amongst even those who aren't involved in the world of cannabis. Despite this, its exact lineage remains a mystery and so does the meaning of the name or what OG stands for. A popular theory is that this strain is a cross between a Hindu Kush strain and Chemdawg.

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OG Kush makes up the genetic backbone of West Coast cannabis varieties, but in spite of its ubiquity, its genetic origins remain a mystery. This famed strain arrived in Los Angeles in 1995 after being transplant coast-to-coast from Florida by its original propagators (now known as Imperial Genetics), along with “The Bubba,” which gave way to Bubba Kush. There are many different phenotypes of OG Kush, some of which include Tahoe OGSFV OGGhost OG, and Diablo OG.

OG Kush is cherished for its ability to crush stress under the weight of its heavy euphoria. It carries an earthy pine and sour lemon scent with woody undertones, an aroma that has become the signature of OG Kush varieties and descendants

THC Content

There might be a lot of dispute over OG Kush's lineage and name, however, there is only one opinion as far as its potency is concerned. It ranks high in terms of THC which ranges from 20 to 25 percent.


Like other indica strains, OG Kush too has a dense bud structure that are usually medium to large in size. It has green leaves with a tinge of yellow. In some cases, the leaves are also stained with purple. The plant has vibrantly colored flowers with orange pistils. A silvery white layer of trichomes covers the buds giving them a sticky texture.

Aroma and Taste

If cured properly, this strain emits musty and earthy smell with some undertones of a fruity and citrusy odor. When the buds are crushed, they emit a pine-like smell. OG Kush gives off a strong smoke that can easily irritate the sinuses ad cause coughing. It tastes like hash and spices. Its odor lingers on long after it has been smoked.

Effect of OG Kush

The effects from OG Kush are usually mental, instead of physical. Initially, smokers experience a headrush that increases their focus and awareness. This is accompanied by a euphoric feeling and racing thoughts. This combination of effects makes it a popular strain for social settings.

OG Kush in Medicine

In medicine, OG Kush has been known to provide relief from depression and anxiety albeit temporarily. It is also effective for those suffering through disorders such as ADHD and has helped with migraines and headaches.

The Cultivation Process

You can grow OG Kush both outdoors and indoors. For cultivating outdoors, a consistent temperature of 75 degrees is required. With indoor cultivation, the trees usually grow short ranging from 2 to 3.5 feet in height. This strain usually flowers in up to 9 weeks if cultivated indoors and gives an average yield with approximately 45 grams for every square footage. Care must be taken for proper ventilation if grown indoors as the strain has a pungent odor.

As the OG Kush energizes and increases focus, it is suitable for day time use. However, it is also equally enjoyable in the evenings.

When to Harvest OG Kush ‐ Flowering Time

The OG Kush marijuana strain has a quick flowering time in comparison to other marijuana strains. You can expect it to flower within just 6 to 8 weeks. With a common mature height at least 78 inches, the OG Kush strain is one of the largest marijuana strains. Commonly producing yields up to 1 to 3 oz per square foot, the OG Kush marijuana strain is considered a to provide an average yield.

Strain Flavor

When smoked or converted into an edible form, the flavor of the OG Kush strain is best described as Earthy, Pine, and Woody.

OG Kush Strain Medicinal Benefits and Side Effects

Relaxed 99.61% of users reported feeling relaxed.
Happiness 89.03% of users reported feeling happier.
Uplifted 62.83% of users reported feeling uplifted.
Lack of Appetite 38.79% indicated a decrease in appetite.
Euphoria 64.86% of users reported feelings of happiness.
Anti-Depressant 77.8% of users felt uplifted after consumption.
Pain Reduction 67.91% of users noticed a reduction in pain.
Stressed 99.39% of users reported reduced stress.
Dry Mouth 99.27% of users reported a dry mouth.
Dry Eyes 63.48% of users reported dry eyes.
Insomnia 53.17% of users reported trouble sleeping.
Dizziness 33.58% of users reported feeling dizziness.
Anxiety 21.44% of users reported feeling anxious.
Sleepy 46.74% of users reported feeling sleepy.

Buying OG Kush Seeds - Which Breeder to Choose

Not all OG Kush Seeds are made equal, and the genetics can depend heavily on the breeder. Below you can find a list of available breeders of OG Kush seeds to help identify which is the best for you.

Ancestry and DNA - Children of the OG Kush Strain

Below you can find a list of strains which were bred from OG Kush in an attempt to leverge it's medicinal properties and growing attributes.

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