Rafael (or Raphael) is a predominantly sativa strain developed by Tikun Olam to contain high levels of CBD for consumers experiencing sleep and digestive disorders. The choice of its name is a tribute to the "Godfather of Marijuana" in the nation. What sets it apart from other strains is the "high" it provides without the psychoactive effects. Accompanied by a THC content of only 1 to 2 percent, yet that does not mean it isn't powerful. Rafael is a top choice for users disinclined to psychoactive effects. About 80% of the plant is Sativa. As one can visualize, the lack of THC means there really are no buzzing or ebbing mental high. Still, the strain will support clear the mind which, in turn, permits patients to have better focus. This strain of marijuana, with CBD levels of up to 18 percent, is named right after Raphael Mechoulam, a driving force in marijuana research. Typically, it already features a fantastic scent and taste.

As a substitute opposed to focusing on such, it is far better to grow it hydroponically and increase its harvest. Rafael has large and heavy brown nuggets that usually are covered with orange hairs. Customers report that Raphael is one of Peace Naturals many strong cultivators and works well as an adjunct therapy for chronic pain. People who also consume this strain often feel a mild pacifying sensation sweeping into the body. Typically, it leads to feeling uplifted and for some, may even be to the point of elation.For some recreational patients, these strains tend to be brilliant. Nevertheless, there really are also people who are usually immediately following the extreme effects regarding many others strains. In that case, they tend to be better off using other hybrids. Depending on the intensity of indications, some users propose applying this variety while in during the day to decrease stress and increase comfort. This type of strain will also not leave consumers feeling"spacey" or disoriented. Using even a little too much can cause side effects. At least, that is the case with high THC strains. Nevertheless, the near absence of THC in Rafael does not mean it is entirely free of any unwanted effects.Because it is still pot, the usual side effects can be pronounced, depending on the amount used or personalized endurance quota.

Dry mouth and eyes remain the same adverse reactions as with other strains. For now, though, there really are no other side effects reported. Rafael isn't accessible in seed forms. It is also not likely that anyone can get a hold of its clipping for cloning. Yet, we can make an assumption on its growth based on its trait. We guess that even in Tikun Olam, they use cloning to propagate the plant and cultivate it for commercial purposes. Being Predominantly sativa, it could have the traits of one. Hence, it will likely grow over 6 feet in the outside. It will also thrive in a Mediterranean climate. Rafael should thrive at its best in indoor large greenhouses. Unlike growing strains in the residence where growers can often forced to keep it very short due to space constraints, the corporation can afford to have a much more significant space for the plant to have more room to grow.

Strain Flavor

When smoked or converted into an edible form, the flavor of the Rafael strain is best described as Peach.

Rafael Strain Medicinal Benefits and Side Effects

Marijuana Guides does not currently have any consumer documentation regarding any possible effects from consuming the Rafael marijuana strain. Please check back soon!