Saturn OG
Saturn OG is a hybrid strain with mysterious beginnings, however its earthy citrus and diesel flavors confirms its close relationship to OG Kush. Its undocumented origins result in this strain of cannabis being labeled as indica, sativa, and everything in between, nevertheless its effects tend to be many commonly described as hybrid-like in its sensible calm and moderate transcending effects. Saturn OG's forest green nuggets tend to be lit by a constellation of crystal trichomes, and this OG Kush relative is often lumped into a “planetary strain” series that includes Earth OG and Jupiter OG. The psychoactive onset of Saturn OG starts with an intense burst of happiness that fades to smooth relaxation brilliant best for relieving stress and muscle tension.

Strain Flavor

When smoked or converted into an edible form, the flavor of the Saturn OG strain is best described as Earthy, Pungent, and Citrus.

Saturn OG Strain Medicinal Benefits and Side Effects

Relaxed 99.4% of users reported feeling relaxed.
Happiness 99.46% of users reported feeling happier.
Uplifted 50.06% of users reported feeling uplifted.
Lack of Appetite 5.04% indicated a decrease in appetite.
Euphoria 52.35% of users reported feelings of happiness.
Anti-Depressant 99.32% of users felt uplifted after consumption.
Pain Reduction 8.64% of users noticed a reduction in pain.
Stressed 13.58% of users reported reduced stress.
Dry Mouth 99.39% of users reported a dry mouth.
Dry Eyes 35.32% of users reported dry eyes.
Insomnia 98.01% of users reported trouble sleeping.
Dizziness 6.79% of users reported feeling dizziness.
Anxiety 6.64% of users reported feeling anxious.
Sleepy 94.47% of users reported feeling sleepy.

Ancestry and DNA - Children of the Saturn OG Strain

Below you can find a list of strains which were bred from Saturn OG in an attempt to leverge it's medicinal properties and growing attributes.

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