Dispensaries Manager Community Guidelines

By use of this site and agreeing to the terms & conditions during registration, all users agree to abide by the Marijuana Guides dispensary manager community standards. Any questions on community standards should be addressed to any of the community managers privately through email or our contact page. The community standards are subject to change as the community evolves. These community standards are based on the 8 community principles below:

1.      We do not advocate any illegal practice.

a.   We do not advocate any illegal purchase, use, trading or growing of cannabis. We encourage all dispensary manager users to be familiar with the laws surrounding cannabis in their region and abide by them accordingly. Dispensary manager users are professional retail managers and are therefore expected to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects well on themselves, their business and this community as a whole. Any content advocating illegal practice, including illicit material in the form of images or content, will be removed immediately and the poster will be held accountable to their actions. Infractions may result in revocation of dispensary manager privileges, or a permanent ban.

2.       We encourage unique content and personalized profiles.

a.  We want to avoid duplicate or stolen content to ensure each dispensary profile is unique to its relative dispensary. We understand similar content will appear based on the nature of you store’s inventory so we encourage mitigating similar looking content where possible. Multiple accounts disguised as anything other than your shop will be flagged and taken down. If we choose to collaborate with other dispensaries it will be done so with mutual consent on both ends.

3.       We practice inclusivity and professionalism

a.  There will be no swearing or hateful language. Also, members should not post inappropriate or offensive material, links, or images on their dispensary page. This includes spamming and any inappropriate advertising. Please use common sense as this is a work related forum. Discrimination, in any form, against individual sexual preferences, race, culture or religion will not be tolerated. It is likely your page will be viewed by potential customers and Marijuana Guide users from various parts of the site.

4.       We recognize inappropriate behavior and will hold all members to high community standards.

a.  We do not harass, insult, taunt, provoke, demean, or personally attack other dispensary owners. We do not use our page as an attack campaign against competing business or organizations. Be friendly, as business owners we want to look out for our own. If there is a need to helpfully critique a fellow business owner, it will be done constructively and respectfully. Thoughtful collaboration is a way to make sure the industry thrives in an organic manner.  Any inappropriate behavior should be reported immediately to one of the community managers. Maintaining high standards for the community will benefit everyone in the long run.

5.       We respect your privacy and expect members to respect the privacy of others.

a.  Please do not post your personal information or other member’s personal information, such as home address, phone number or email, on the forum. Only post the contact information that would direct users to your business through the appropriate channels. We will not be held liable for these actions and community managers will delete this information when made known to them. We will not tolerate members “flaming” or “trolling” other members. Please do not post any copyrighted material. These actions will lead to the community manager banning the member and possibly legal action. Let’s respect the privacy of all members.

6.       We reserve the right to refuse service to any member who repeatedly breaks the community standards.

a.  This includes, but not limited to, members who are flaming, trolling or spamming. Community managers will decide on the punishment based on the infraction of community standards. This could include moderation/deletion of comments or could be as severe as banning of the member. Members will initially receive warnings privately and be escalated upon further infractions by the community manager. We also reserve the right to exclude and/or limit certain type of topics including pornography, multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities, and cryptocurrency opportunities.

7.       We expect our community managers to moderate and uphold the community standards fairly.

a. Our community managers have the final word on moderation. Members will not post negative comments on the forum about community managers when their posts are edited or deleted from the forum. Please do not openly argue with the community manager on the forum. If you disagree with the community manager, or believe you have been mistakenly banned, please work out the disagreement with the community manager or email us at support@marijuana-guides.com.

Thank You.

Your community engagement team