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The Marijuana Guides strain finder will help you to find cannabis strains reported to treat a variety of medicinal conditions. It is also used by cultivators when planning their gardens, and choosing the best strains to grow.

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Spicy Herbal

Using our Strain Finder

With our users best interest in mind, we've developed a system to assist logging your progress through our marijuana guides. Our strain finder is designed to help you find the perfect strain of marijuana based on your personal preferences, needs, and previous search history. Help us help you find the right strain to stimulate, relax or all around develop your enjoyment and connoisseurship of marijuana.

First, start by selecting your desired therapeutic or medicinal end result - e.g. If you suffer from chronic pain, and wish to find a strain that helps you feel comfortable, consider selecting the pain icon. Next, choose the growing factors that best suit your needs. We sort our catalogs using a variety of important growing characteristics to make your life easier. If this isn't you, no worries! Move on to the next step and find the flavor that is right for you.

The more selections you make, the better we can pin point your perfect strands. We will refine our list so you find everything you need while still having an assortment of options to compare and contrast. Sorting steps are completely optional. If you prefer to browse, view all strains will bring our full list of strains and their profiles. Look around and see what's out there and possibly available to you. With over 2500 strands, we're sure you'll come across something you'll like. Otherwise, we'll work with whatever information you decide to give us.

Done with the sorting stage? Great! when you're ready, hit finish and we will sort through thousands of our strains to generate a list that is best for you. Every strain profile we generate offers an image, name, description, growing information, flavor characteristics, and ratings on their medicinal and/or therapeutic properties and in only seconds! However, we want you to be the expert. Read through our profiles, educate yourself, then help educate others by leaving ratings and comments on your personal experiences. Remember, the more we get from you the better we can develop the system on our end to bring you better service in the future.

With the help from our team of certified professionals and trained horticulturalists we are working around the clock to grow and update our strain list. If there is something new out there, we will be the first to know about it which means you will too. Our objective is to bring you the latest in new and accurate information to help make you the authority on marijuana smoking and growing. Didn't find what you were looking for? We apologize. Check back regularly for all the newest in updates. We thank you again for choosing marijuana-guides as your go to for all the best strain information. Happy smoking!