Despite the fact that the cannabis industry continues to grow rapidly, it remains difficult to find a career working with marijuana. One of the reasons is that other networks are not supporting cannabis related job postings, or the marijuana companies don't have an appropriate category to post in. That makes finding them difficult! We have tried to simplify this by providing an area to search for jobs exclusively related to cannabis.

You can take a look at the companies found below to learn more about what they do, when they were founded, and details like the number of people they employ. You can also view any active job listings or career openings that the company might have. To get started you can browse through the list of companies that are hiring found below. Underneath the company name, you can see the industry they are involved in or type of work they perform. Click into a company to learn about them.

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GreenForce Staffing Other
Tumbleweeds Health Center Customer Service
Emblem Growing Marijuana
Auxly Cannabis Group Other
Canopy Growth Corporation Growing Marijuana
CannaCity Trinidad Marijuana Dispensary
Cannaleif Production Growing Marijuana
Aurora Cannabis Growing Marijuana
Speed Greens Marijuana Dispensary
Canopy Growth Marijuana Marketing
Purple Lotus Marijuana Dispensary
Boehringer Ingelheim Marijuana Dispensary
Hemp Depot Marijuana Dispensary
Surebuds - Buy Weed Online Canada, Mail Order Marijuana Dispensary Marijuana Dispensary
MONA Brand Marijuana Dispensary
Elevated San Francisco Marijuana Dispensary
Rocket Seeds Growing Marijuana
CannaProcure Marijuana Marketing
Crop King Seeds Canada Growing Marijuana
TOP MOM CLUB Marijuana Dispensary
Marijuana Guides Marijuana Research
HAVEN Cannabis Dispensary Belmont Marijuana Dispensary
Weedofy Other
King Canna Fredericton Marijuana Dispensary