Marijuana Guides allows you to manage your garden and provides the ability to track weekly growth and changes to your growing environment.

Start Your Grow Diary

Receive Feedback from Other Growers

Your diary allows community to interact and provide encouragement, or advice throughout your grow. If something looks off - or could be improved - the community will let you know.

Track Progress

Measure and record each week of growth, including changes to your growing environment such as pot size and amount of nutrients used.

Grow Helper

Your Grow Diary will also help you out by sharing the recommended amount of nutrients for the current week of growth. Never underfeed again, while still avoiding nutrient lockout!

Reference Past Grows

Your grow diary allows your entire grow to be visualised in a single snapshot, including a summary of weekly changes. This allows you to quickly refer back to past grows, and compare progress.

Track the following aspects of your garden throughout the grow:
  • Strain and Breeder of Seeds Grown.
  • Nickname and manage individual plants.
  • Record grow space size. Compare versus other growers.
  • Keep track of grow medium, pot size, and style.
  • Note your PH levels and CO2 ppm, if you have it.
  • Plant height and growth on a weekly basis.
  • Distance each plant is from the light.
  • Total yield of each plant.

Along the way you can post pictures, add your own notes and interact with the community who can like your comments and photos. Both you and other visitors can ask you questions about your grow, allowing you to reach out for help as you need it.

Grow Diary Screenshots

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Grow Diary Public View
Grow Diary Listing

Manage Seeds and Nutrients
Manage Seeds and Nutrients

Update Weekly Progress
Manage Weekly Changes and Growth

The grow diary aspect of the Marijuana Guides platform is currently an early version, with many additional features and functionalities on the way. Let us know if you have any suggestions!

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