11 week from seed to harvest
Grown by lov2grow8187
11 Week Grow
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The purpose of this grow was to experiment with a "set it and forget it" method as far as just add Zero water from the beginning to the end of a grow. Also it would be very interesting to measure the amount of success if any compared to NPK adjustments and additives that are commonly used and have a poor outcome for the first approach. The experiment was to see If using a living soil concentrate all organic would have a grow that just needed zero water from the start until the end. Having a method with the right medium and a just add water approach to avoid any complications can be easily achieved .


Indoor & Outdoor

Grow Space:

2' x 2' x 5'  (4 SqFt)

Nutrients Used:

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Week 1 (Vegetative)

Week 2 (Vegetative)