The Ice Cream Man
Grown by wift
15 Week Grow
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Was just for fun, I found the seeds in a bag(ICE CREAM by Paradise Seeds sold by PAGOTTA I bought from our local pot shop so like most anyone who loves weed..I PLANTED EM lol... bout a week in thay were lush large and healthy and looked as though it had superb genetics I decide to research them and It turns out there a bit more exotic with heavy yields and mass resonous bud production and from a well known source...I was sold.. so at that point it became a full fledged grow. I spent bout $300-400 on lighting, soil, nutes etc....they kind of got a late start with the feeding and would have liked to get em started with great white mykos or myko blast from extreme gardening witch I got anyway along with the great white. just incase... but I used FF Happy frog nute rich soil so I wasn't to bothered as they were doing fantastic and instead of transplanting I just kept stacking potts (less stress I think). Soooo basicly im going for highest yeild and highest quality and the most still intermediate grower but I got the key basics down from ec, ppm, ph to feed scheduling, different LST methods, SCROG, Sea Of Green (Best for this strain) witch is kinda what I did here but I only topped 1 plant 1 time and let the other 2 grow natural with some LST to manage there it will look like a weed shrub with a bunch of colas rocketing out the top pretty sweet.



Grow Space:

3' x 3' x 5'  (9 SqFt)

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