How to Attract Customers to Your Dispensary

How to Attract Customers to Your Dispensary

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Tend to and embrace new smokers

Canada has legalized marijuana as of October and thousands of new smoker are flocking to find what the fuss is about. By making your dispensary accessible and informative you will be quicker to gain the trust of your customers. On the first day of legalization every province except British Columbia grossed over $100,000 in cannabis. This stat can be viewed as the province with the strongest existing marijuana culture sells the least least legal marijuana. If your province is not so versed in cannabis culture you can help be that change. Dispensary owners can help inform new smokers about advancements in technology, the effects and proper dosage of cannabis and make money at the same time.

The internet is your friend

Social media and marketing is very important to a new business in 2018, with so many customers on their phones you are doing yourself a disservice to ignore the best platform for reaching them. Help new customers and highlight your store’s strengths at the same time by making informative, helpful social media posts. You can get creative and offer rolling tips or edible recipes, or just keep it simple and partake in meme culture, either way a business that understands the internet will be held in higher regard by younger tech-savvy customers. Intimidation or exclusiveness is not the goal for a new dispensary so do not exclude older customers when targeting the youth. At the end of the day the happier your customer, the more they will spend at your store - so market towards your weakness.

Invest in your own success

Many customers will be pleasantly surprised if your cannabis dispensary isn't dark, dingy or degrading and can be further swayed by pop-out technologies such as tablets and touch-screens. Screens can be used to displayed positive messages, answer common questions and offer basic advice to new smokers but just be sure to leave your messages open ended and uplifting. More important than what you can say to your customers is what they can say to you. Listen very carefully to their needs and concerns and help them, you must understand the business if you want customers to trust you so be sure of what you know and do not spread false information.

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Be yourself and share what you know

Do not be afraid to share your own personal experiences with your product to customers. New customers will have the generic questions and you must have the correct answers for them. Embrace the new smoker the same way the Canadian government has embraced this industry and answer the redundant questions with care and concern. If you relate to what your customer is saying do not be afraid to tell them of a similar experience you have had, and tell them what you decided to do. If your new customers are asking you the questions they may not have anyone else to ask, the more believable those answers are the stronger your bond will be.

On legality

Cannabis is legalized but that does not mean it is not controlled by standards and regulations. You must understand that smokers new and old will come to your storefront for information regarding legality, and if you want to be successful you should have the correct answers for them. Budtenders under your employment are a proxy of yourself, so it is up to you to ensure your staff know the law and can help others understand it. Concentrates, carrying limits and the gifting of cannabis should be among the questions you are preparing yourselves to be asked.

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This is just the beginning

We do not know if every European country or all US states will follow the legalization trend but with each new country or state to do so and more and more breakout-sales claims it is safe to assume the popularity of cannabis is still rising. 2018 is cannabis’ break-out year and there is still a massive amount of untapped business just waiting for social trends to push customers your way. Be prepared for the second and third windfalls, learn from your past experiences and always look forward. Think like the customer and help as many as you can. Use eye catching technologies and advertising but do not forget build your staff in your own image and most important know the legalities of your business. If you follow these methods you will sway and woo new customers while expanding your business successfully.