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Cellmax has a product line containing over 14 nutrient supplements for cannabis, with many organic options to choose from.

Cellmax Nutrients is a company from Netherlands that produces plant fertilizers and substrates since 1996. It has created a wide range of nutrients for each grower and for any growing method. Cellmax has a great reputation due its top quality that is the result of the production with the stringent requirements to the final product. Cellmax Nutrients looks into the future. It works closely with the best garden and farm laboratories in the Netherlands to improve their products and efficiency. The company cares of the Earth and its healthy. The aim of Cellmax is to help growers from all over the world to increase the crop yields. The company uses the high technology and always the fresh ingredients in the production. Cellmax creates balanced nutrients and uses not only NPK substances, but also macro and micro elements. The company also produces high quality substrates. Cellmax is the first company in europe where you can order products straight from their website.
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Cellmax Product Line and Feeding Schedule