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Barney's Farm is based in Netherlands and has a product line containing over 46 different types of marijuana seeds and strains..

If you enjoy flawless quality bud, Barney’s Farm is a key player in the marijuana seed market -- and they have multiple international awards to prove it. It was in the late 80’s where the seedbank got its humble beginnings, a time when cannabis was starting to become a game-changing sensation. A small group of highly experienced breeders took to the rocky mountains of the Himalayans to hone their breeding knowledge and, consequently, by crossbreeding marijuana strains were able to produce diverse strains boasting an array of THC levels, tastes, and aromas. However, one talented member of the group, Derry, would start one of the most recognized seed production businesses in the industry: Barney’s Farm.

Derry carefully selected a variety of landrace marijuana seeds far and wide from all corners of the world including Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Tibet, Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, and China. After carefully selecting the most promising seeds, they were then back-crossed in order to stabilise them. The goal? To ensure he had a wide selection to make some pretty outstanding strains. After three years atop the Himalayas, Derry would return to Amsterdam to provide the world with samples from his great experimentation -- any of which would lead the seedbank to its present-day stardom. To date, Barney’s Farm and its team have created one amazing product line containing over 46 different types of marijuana seeds and strains.

Failed ideals and the prioritization of quantity over quality are a few things any growing business could fall victim to; thankfully, this has not happened with this company. Diligent efforts to collect rare genetics and the unrelenting search for the latest and greatest cultivations has enabled Barney's Farm Research Lab to create some of the best marijuana strains that have become favorites amongst smoke circles everywhere.

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Barney's Farm Strains and Seeds List