How to Hire the Best Dispensary Employees

How to Hire the Best Dispensary Employees

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Being a manager is one of the most important jobs you will have to do when talking about business ownership. Regardless of whether that is what you signed up for or not, managing staff, or at least the people that manage staff, defines how your business operates. It's accurate to say, making sure you have a great staff to represent your business is key to being successful. As an employer, you want your team to make your establishment looks good, inventory is up to date, client's are treated fairly, and most importantly, the business is making money. For this reason, we want to discuss what makes a good team and what factors you should be taking into account when staffing your dispensary. This article will discuss key features to be on the look out for when looking to hire:

Dispensary Staff


Individuals that take initiative to focus on tasks that need to be completed and help define the work and roles required.

Finding people with quality leadership skills can be difficult because leadership can be defined and practiced in so many ways. That said, some qualities to look out for in the interview process might include: enthusiasm, forward thinking, empathy, and decision making skills.


Making sure you do what you were hired to do, no tardiness, go above and beyond for employer and meet your targets. With great work ethic also comes professionalism, you notice it almost instantly and your customers sure will notice it as well. The perfect staff member will be clean and tidy, they will arrive a few minutes before there shift to make sure they are ready and properly informed about the days tasks or issues. Professionalism also means to be courteous to your coworkers and most importantly all customers. Doing this will help set the bar to develop a routine to be professional and consistent all the time.

3) Ambition

Having someone who is ambitious on your team is a huge plus in my books as they will keep pushing for a better way to do things for your establishment. Someone who is ambitious will embrace change with open arms, they will have a strong will and determination to succeed. This individual is most likely to over come any problems that arise in your business and gladly help to work towards better solutions.

4) Engagement- Mangers already have a lot going on at a day to day basis, Finding employees who do not require much micromanaging and supervision will save you a lot of time in the end. An engaged employee is able to work independently and produce effective work. You can gauge the level of someone's engagement by asking how they would handle certain situation. An engaged individual can asses any task and flesh out the best possible answer. This a good exercise for the interview process, even if the candidate doesn't answer in the manner you think is right, that's okay, that's what training is for. As long as you can see thoughtfully assessed the situation and gave effort into answering you will be able to tell they are engaged workers.

Engaged Dispensary Staff

This is also going to look great on your business because customers will notice that the employees have a good understanding of what they are doing and over all will feel more comfortable in your dispensary. Having someone who is competent on your team is a high priority nowadays especially when you have new hires at your establishment because they can give you a hand with showing the new staff member the ropes in the business.

5) Passionate

Passionate employees are very valuable employees. They understand the importance of the business and strive to help everyone succeed in the company. Someone who is passionate is likely to go out of their way to make sure the client is afforded the best experiences, while being able to motivated the other employees and maintain high morale in your shop. They also know their worth in the business and what helps accomplish the goals. Passionate workers are very eager to being committed to achieving high performances in their jobs. They are up for rapid changes in today's business and thrive on learning and improving new skills. They want to see your business shine and are consistently working towards achieving goals and looking for ways to improve themselves in the business. When an staff member is passionate about what they do, they will always look for more ways to help improve themselves and continue to help your establishment grow.

Passion is something that could also get thrown in with Engagement, but don't let engagement get mistaken for passion. This is more of a short term thing for a business, this will not show the kind of results you are looking for because passion is much bigger than engagement. Its no secret, a big part for consistent growth and success for your dispensary is to have passionate staff workers who are always looking to work toward achieving big goals.

6) Trustworthy

Last, but certainty not least is having trustworthy employees. One of the first things you want to do when hiring new employees is getting to know them. Being able to confide in your employees hold true especially given the nature of the cannabis industry. Gauging your confidence in an individual can be done by assessing their ability to give you direct answers to difficult question. The longer someone takes to give you an answer can be a sign of caution, which speaks to the value of being tactful. Or, it can mean they are fabricating the response they think you want to hear. You should hopefully be able to get a good vibe from them and get a feel for what they are like when you meet them for the hiring process. You may want to consider background checks as well since having trustworthy workers are very key in this business. However, be weary that asking someone for background check can incur expenses on the possible candidate. You want to avoid discouraging a potential employee, especially if the labor market is scarce.

Happy Dispensary Staff

To have a successful business your company will have to depend on trust and honestly in your employees. Trustworthiness is not only important to the manager, but also customers depend on honest and trustworthy decisions when coming into your business. The sort of confidence that is built between your budtender and your clients speak volumes to maintaining return business. If your client feels they are in good hands with your staff, they will be prompted to return more often. You want to make sure you trust your employee, If you cannot how do you expect to leave them with any money management responsibilities. As an employer you want trustworthy workers for many reasons, the most important one being as your workers would be representing your brand and you would want to be sure you chose the right candidate. Even if it takes you a little longer in the hiring process, you want to make sure you are hiring quality people because in the end you will save much more time then constantly hiring and firing the wrong people. Finding trustworthy employees may be tedious but it is one of the most crucial things that you can do for your business.

7) Understanding the labor market

The labor market refers to the availability of suitable candidates for the employment you are offering. Often, the labor market can be define your market as a whole and vice versa. In terms of running a dispensary, are your workers going to be similar or different from your clients? For example, if you are opening a dispensary in an area predominantly populated by older folk, you'll want your staff to accommodate this demographic. In this case, patrons might not be so interested in the recreational benefits of cannabis as they are the medicinal. Therefore, you might be looking for availability of clean-cut, professional looking individuals, that are educated in the medical benefits of marijuana and able to accommodate the needs of an elderly demographic.

Moreover, pay-roll can be closely associated with the conditions of the labor market. To note this, you'll want to document the economic state of the area your staff will be coming from. Will they be able to support themselves if you only pay them the industry standard? Are there better alternatives available to them? Will you be able to afford pay-roll based on the conditions of the environment you open shop in. All these are important factors to consider when thinking about how to staff your dispensary.

These are just a few key things to help you as the employer decide on good candidates for your dispensary. Finding the right employees isn't always an easy task, but it will be very rewarding in the end once you have found them. They can add so much to your business, they can add value, eagerness and potentially ground breaking ideas to help your new business grow. Don't forget this is all helping you with long term success for a better business.