Genetics play a critical role within the cultivation of cannabis, and thereafter during the consumption phase - dictating both the flavor and smell. Each strain of marijuana is best explored personally, to experience the different taste profiles and effects. However even within the same marijuana strain, there are large amounts of discrepancies with their genetics - and this is where the reputable seed breeding companies come into play: There are countless factors leading to the production of seeds with strong genetics and with the addition of new strains each year it is not uncommon to find unstable genetics. These are strains which may feature a higher rate of hermaphrodite appearances due to the weaker and vulnerable genetics.

By using a reputable seed company, you will get the most potential out of your cannabis plants, and avoid unnecessary hardships. For these companies, their reputations are on the line. This leads to multiple rounds of quality assurance before a strain ever makes it to retail sale - even if it means a delay. Take a look at the top 150 marijuana seed companies found below - click into a company to learn more about the seeds and strains that they offer.