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Hawaiiana Seeds

The genetic of our Hawaiiana is based on Hawaiian Sativa and Mango Haze. Hawaiiana is a Sativa dominant strain with a very high THC conten of 25%. She elevates moods and the high is accompanied by energy and creativity. The high offers waves of euphoria that start in the mind and come in the end to a relaxing calm. Hawaiiana is a tropical cannabis sativa which has her roots on the Hawaiian Islands. This marijuana strain has a lemony, exotic and extremely fruity aroma like a fresh fruit cocktail.


This Premium strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, the plants have a flowering time of 11 weeks and deliever yields of 700g per square meter, oudoors one plant can produce up to 1200g. Hawaiiana brings best results indoors by using the SCROG-method. This helps to control the size. Hawaiiana is a tall plant with big branches, heavy huge buds that can triple her size during the flowering time. Hawaiiana Seeds produce healthy strong plants. During the flowering time in many cases the branches must be supported because of the heavy big flowers.


Suitable for medical use during the daytime. Hawaiian is most often recommended to those with stress, anxiety, and depression.

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Hawaiian Sativa x Mango Haze
Flowering Period:
11 weeks - 700 g/m2 Yield
Mostly Sativa

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