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Landysh Seeds

Landysh is a plant genetic varied to achieve a large production plant of aromatic flavor and medicinal effect.

This special genetic comes from the intersection of Hawaiian Afghan strains and our special clone Skunk2. The result is a plant that takes some amazing purples. The buds produce a spicy aroma, similar to the smell of field flowers. Its taste is special and exotic, providing a soft touch of lavender and its effect is light and soft, providing a state of relaxation and happiness, its effect takes us to the spring evoking the first flowers of the year, hence the name Landysh. It is perfect for everyday use and very popular among growers and smokers. Our Landysh is good for relieving stress, pain, anxiety, making it an ideal choice for medicinal users. It is a variety with good growing conditions can grow incredibly, giving us a great producción. This plant grows well outdoors and in temperate and dry conditions. It is also suitable for growing indoors and greenhouses. Plants reach a height of about 1-1.4m and your average harvest is 400-500 g / m2.

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Skunk #2 x {Afghani x Hawaii}
Flowering Period:
6-7 weeks - 400-500 g/m2 Yield
Mostly indica

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