This page allows you to browse the marijuana grow diaries that have been published and made public by growers within the community. You can click into each grow diary to learn more information about each step of the growing process as recorded by the grower. Included in the information are details like the seed and breeder used, as well as any nutrient products applied.

For each grow diary you will be able to view the dimensions of the garden, ascertain whether it was grown indoors or out - and view weekly progress of each plant. This allows you to learn how much nutrients each plant was fed, distance from the light and how much it has grown. The grow diaries available here will provide a complete overview of the entire garden, and allow you to quickly reference the difference between grows. You can use this area to identify enviroments suited for a particular strain, or compare your setup with similar gardens.

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Popular Marijuana Grow Diaries

Untitled Garden

2 Plants 1 Products 20 Week Grow


4 Plants 4 Products 9 Week Grow

Grow #2

4 Plants 1 Products 11 Week Grow

1St Strain

1 Plants 1 Products 12 Week Grow

Colombian gold

1 Plants 0 Products 21 Week Grow

my home grow

3 Plants 3 Products 17 Week Grow

First Grow

3 Plants 3 Products 6 Week Grow

Strawberry Kush

4 Plants 5 Products 9 Week Grow

Indoor grow #1

1 Plants 4 Products 12 Week Grow


7 Plants 6 Products 16 Week Grow

4x4 Grow Tent

5 Plants 3 Products 10 Week Grow

HnN grow 2

2 Plants 1 Products 17 Week Grow


1 Plants 2 Products 16 Week Grow

The Ice Cream Man

3 Plants 16 Products 15 Week Grow

Untitled Garden

3 Plants 0 Products 6 Week Grow


4 Plants 5 Products 10 Week Grow

March 2021, 1/3

3 Plants 0 Products 11 Week Grow


3 Plants 3 Products 9 Week Grow

High Schooled

9 Plants 3 Products 8 Week Grow

Untitled Garden

6 Plants 0 Products 25 Week Grow


3 Plants 6 Products 12 Week Grow

90 x 90 x180

2 Plants 6 Products 11 Week Grow

Second Grow

4 Plants 3 Products 10 Week Grow

2bombs 2Blackv

4 Plants 0 Products 12 Week Grow