Kitchen Clones
Grown by hustlynnshaw
16 Week Grow
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4 Seedstockers White Widow and 2 Seedstockers Northern Lights. Plants are from clones made from trim when defoliations were done when switching to flower. They are all about 4 weeks old. Some are farther along or bigger because they rooted earlier than others. Rooted in rockwool soaked in cloned. Then placed in clay pellets in net baskets and put into dwc container. 2 per 8 gallon condition. Each has 4 inch micropore 4 inch air stone powered by 8w air pump on max under them. Clones have been topped, some more than once, and mainline/manifold techniques and defoliations have been done to promote as many buds as possible. Trying to get a large, top shelf yeild. Plants were moved from a 3 gallon containers for each plant 10/10/19. 4 plants each under a 300w Viparspectra full spectrum light about 18-24 inches above. Nutrient solution is changed once a week. 4 stage reverse osmosis water and advanced hydroponics ph perfect nutrition is used. I'm using the coco formula even though I'm growing dwc. The advanced nutrients representative said it's fine. I'm using the 3lb coco recipe and have added cal-mag xtra every other week along with intermediate recipe to see if yeild is larger than with the master recipe I have been using prior. Yeild was good, but I'm testing. 6 inch exhaust fan vented into attic, and 4 inch inline fan.


Grow Tent

Grow Space:

4' x 2' x 5'  (8 SqFt)

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