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Sour LSD Seeds

Sour LSD is an indica/sativa hybrid with well-balanced properties of the both genetics. Two potent strains the L.S.D. and the Sour Bubble were crossed to create this potent variety. It contains 60% indica and 40% sativa genetics and has a THC-content of 23-27%.

The plant develops bushy structure with a strong cola and looks amazing. The orange hairs covers green leaves and the fat coat of trichomes spreads whole plant.

The strain inherits the sour, funky aroma of Sour Bubble and the trippy heady effect of LSD. The smoke brings pleasant body relaxation and opens your creativity. The taste has citrus notes with pungent undertones.

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L.S.D. x Sour Bubble
Flowering Period:
9 weeks - Above average Yield

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