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Californian Snow Seeds

Californian Snow is the rarest and most daring strain in the FastBuds line. It is quite stable variety with a big percent of Sativa phenotypes, though it includes Indica genetics. It's named Californian Snow, because the mature plant is thickly dusted with snow at peak flowering.

It has sweet taste with a bitter aftertaste, and citrus notes reminiscent of lime.

Its THC content is a more than 19%, and its CBD content is 1%. A dignified composition makes it a medicinal cannabis that's great for stress and anxiety. It has the instantaneous effects only lasting a half hour.

The ideal regime is 18/6. It will give refined results just 8 weeks from seedling.

The breeder recommends growing under HIDs and using carbon filters if growing indoors because of strong aroma from the fourth week of flowering. Californian Snow is a good choice for growers who live in cold areas with very short summers.

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USA, Californian x Ruderalis
Flowering Period:
8 weeks - 400-550g/m2 Yield

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