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Resin seeds is based in Spain and has a product line containing over 8 different types of marijuana seeds and strains..

Jaime and Juanma are the founder and breeder of seedbank Resin Seeds Resin, which was founded in Spain in 2008. Through his experience in the industry, Jaime wanted to start his own seed bank to research the effects of cannabis as medicinal release. Resin Seeds opened one of the first grow shops in Spain, in Barcelona. Resin Seeds company has a lot of world awards: winning a High Times Amsterdam Cannabis Cup in a Sativa category with a largely non-psychoactive plant in 2008,  Amsterdam’s High Times Cannabis Cup in 2013Many of the high THC strains, are also well-known world over, and recipients of extensive awards, from Chile to USA to the Balearic Islands. Yoday the genetics are being grown in places as atypical to the common grower as Gambia, Slovenia, Cambodia, New Zealand. 

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Resin seeds Strains and Seeds List