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Spiritual Punk Seeds

This variety has great medical properties and was bred mainly for persons that suffer from hyperactivity syndrome, prolonged stress and insomnia, or simply for those who need to relax and evade everyday problems. This is a result of a cross between a prize-winner Mazar and Northern Light, both preciousness genotypes of the best cannabis banks from all over the world. Spiritual Punk is a mid-high plant, with extended branches full of compact buds and is of an enormous resin production. It has a huge demand within Californian medical clubs. This early flowering hybrid will certainly astonish you with its blue glitters, productivity and velvet-like citric fragrance that it spreads all around. Outdoor Harvest Time: mid-September

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Northern Light x pure Mazar
Flowering Period:
7 - 8 weeks - 450-800gr/m2 Yield
100% indica

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