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Diesel Dipped Cookies Seeds

Diesel devotees can now rejoice, because the expert cultivators at Connoisseur Genetics have created a new and exciting hybrid female; 'dipped' in diesel goodness. Aptly named Diesel Dipped Cookies (DDC for short), a vigorous, tasty and potent pot; that induces a heavy body stone. Finishing in 9-10 weeks, DDC is capable of producing in abundance and with exceptional quality.

Bred to absolute perfection, Diesel Dipped Cookies from Connoisseur Genetics is a superb hybrid of much distinction. A captivating cross of the original Diesel clone (forever a firm favorite) and Girl Scout Cookies (reversed forum cut). Certainly a highly productive and vigorous female, Diesel Dipped Cookies develops at a steady pace - flowering after 9-10 weeks.
Leaning heavily towards Indica, Diesel Dipped Cookies boasts an immense body stone; the kind to leave you sprawled all over the couch. Her robust, kushy flavors are also worth mentioning, because they add an extra depth to the strain's already remarkable stone. Once fully induced, expect your whole body to melt and become completely relaxed; this blissful state is later followed up by the onset of the munchies (keep the fridge stocked up).
In terms of yields, Diesel Dipped Cookies is a plentiful pot provider. If you're looking for an Indica-dominant cannabis strain with heaps of potential look no further than this connoisseur crop. Come harvest time this flavorsome female is ready to unload her resin-soaked wares, mouths will inevitably water.

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Original Diesel x Girl Scout Cookies reversed
Flowering Period:
10 weeks - — Yield
Mostly indica

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