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Auto Cheese Seeds

Auto Cheese is a cannabis strain with a typical indica long lasting effect. This effect is more corporal than cerebral, ideal for resting and the nights on the sofa.

What characterizes this strain is its unmistakable aroma of cured cheese and its unique sweet flavor with notes to musk. Its aroma and its cheese flavor are very powerful and will remain on palate for a while.

This wonderful strain comes from the cross between a Cheese and a Lowryder. The result is a strain that retains the essential features of the Cheese in an autoflowering version that allows us to shorten the flowering period. It will be ready to harvest in about 70 days.

Auto Cheese is a medium-sized plant that has a vigorous growth and a short flowering period. It is resistant to pests it has a good tolerance to high EC levels. It forms a large central bud accompanied by lateral branches full of precious resinous flowers.

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Cheese x Lowryder
Flowering Period:
11 weeks - 50-80 gr/plant Yield
80% indica

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