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Auto Widow Seeds

Auto Widow is a popular strain that has the typical effect of an indica strain . This effect is powerful, soothing, relaxing, pleasant and soft. Highly recommend for sleeping and resting. It is an invitation to relax for a long time.

It has an intense and strong aroma, sweet-sour and fresh flavor, with citrus and floral notes and a final earthy aftertaste. We are talking about a taste very similar to that of her feminized version.

Auto Widow has been obtained from the crossing between our Widow and a Lowryder. The result is an automatic hybrid that keeps the characteristics of the original parents. It has inherited the appearance of the Lowryder and the perfume and flavor of the Widow.

It is a low-sized wide plant that has the typical growth pattern and appearance of an indica strain. It is a vigorous and robust plant that has wide dark leaves. Although it is not a very branched plant, it focuses all its force on the production of a nice central tail. Auto Widow produces large resin- filled buds which give flowers a frosty look. This cannabis strain definitely deserves to belong to the White Family.

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Widow x Lowryder
Flowering Period:
11-12 weeks - 50-80 gr/plant Yield
60% indica

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